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North Dakota Hunt Photos - October 2014


 Jackson is owned by Steve Roberts of Lakewood, Colorado.  He did very well in his NA testing, and is preparing for UT testing​ with the Rocky Mountain Chapter of NAVHDA.  His biddable disposition, love of water and field, and drive to please will help ensure that this litter is another batch of pups well-suited for on-foot hunters.


Lilah Litter arrived

December 12, 2017









Today's hunter needs a dog with stamina, drive and adaptability to get the job done under demanding conditions. Between hunts, your companion should be a calm and welcome addition to your family. Scarecrow shorthairs have desire; they have ground speed, they handle birds with style, and they are strong retrievers on land and in the water.  Our dogs produce consistently in a wide range of upland habitats, from the dry deserts of the West to the vast grasslands of the heartland and New England's dense forests - and they love the marsh. These formidable hunters also thrive in the home, and their zest for life is contagious!
Scarecrow Kennel has been producing quality German shorthaired pointers since 2005. Our foundation dam, VC Sharp Shooters Megun v. Lacy, was the product of two phenomenally successful kennels: Briemoor Kennel, owned by Jean Strandlund in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, and nearby Sharp Shooters Kennel of New Richmond, owned by Clyde and Marilyn Vetter. Megun and her daughter Raven both attained NAVHDA Versatile Champion titles, and their offspring have continued a tradition of stylish performance in the field and water. The kennel's 5 litters posted strong results in NAVHDA's testing program, qualifying for 4 NA Breeder Awards, 1 Utility Breeder Award, and 1 Invitational Breeder Award.

Our breeding program strives to produce early-maturing, biddable dogs that develop into dependable hunting companions and strong hunt test prospects. Scarecrow dogs' pedigrees document a long history of selective pairings of many outstanding representatives within some of the finest American and German bloodlines.

Building On A Solid Foundation Of Proven Performers


Sadie in action along the Mississippi flyway - note the intensity at 10 years of age!



Litter Announcement - current breeding

Whelp date: December 12, 2017 - 4 pups (2 M, 2 F)


Sharp Shooters Long Shot Chester NA I X Scarecrow's River of Redemption Creek UT III



"Steadfast as their namesake, tirelessly working the field in every season, and any kind of weather."


           Nat. Ch/VC Scarecrow's River of No Return (Raven)

Exceptionally Versatile German Shorthaired Pointers